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alba chiara

alba chiara

History:alba chiara marble is another of the gems composed of Beryl. It occurs in colors of light sky blue, greenish blue, or greenish yellow. The light sky-blue stone is the one of the most valued stones, and is very brilliant, especially by artificial light. Recently alba chiara marble has become more and more popular, and this is doubtless due to the discovery of many fine masses of the crystal. Some of the finest of these are in Siberia, India, Brazil, and in many different localities in the United States, notably in North Carolina.

Supply: we can offer this material in slabs, blocks,and tiles.

tiles: Any size (60x60)(30x30)(20x20)... (We can customize on request.)

thickness: Any thickness

Finishing: we can offer polished, honed finishing.

contact us for a quote.

alba chiara
arabescato corchia
arabescato orobico gold
arabescato orobico grigio
arabescato orobico rosso
arabescato vagli
artistic gold
asian black and gold
asian gold indigo
austral gold
azul acquamarina
azul cielo
azzuro d'orient
bainco sivec
bale beige pietra d'istria
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bianco naxos extra
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bianco oro
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bianco perlino
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black and gold
blue sea
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calacatta cremo
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cedarstone monaco brown
chiampo mandorlato
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cipollino francese
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cloudy gold
crema atlantica
crema marfil
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diaspro giallo
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empire gold
exotich peach
fantasy beige
fior di bosco
fior di bosco etruscan grey
fior di nilo
fior di pesco carnico
fior di pesco carnico
five colors
fossil black
french vanilla
gande fossil
giallo alambra
giallo atlantide
giallo atlantide
giallo cleopatra
giallo del nilo
giallo etrusco
giallo istria
giallo melograno
giallo reale
giallo reale
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gran melange
grigio carnico
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grigio d'oriente
grigio ferro
iranian cream
irish connemarble green
irish green wild
jura grigio
jurassic gold
jurassic red
lady onyx
lappia green
lotus gold
macchia vacchia rossa
macchia vecchia gialla
ming green
mistic brown
namibian rose
nembro rosato
nero africano
nero assoluto marmo
nero marquina
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nero portoro
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neve azzurra
new belgium black
new exotich peach
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noir st laurent
noisette fleury
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opera fantastico
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orient pink
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perlato sicilia
perlato sicilia
perlato svevo
perlato svevo
perlino bianco
perlino rosato
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petra santa
pinta verde
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porfido verde
port laurent
portoro black and gold
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rain forrest brown
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rosa bellissimo
rosa del garda
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rouge antique
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sahara beige
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sara noir
siena brown original
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sole di efeso
spring yellow
st peter gold
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staturio extra
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strawberry wine
striato elegante
summer brown
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teak wood
trani bronzetto
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velevet green
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verde alpi
verde alpi
verde antico
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water green
william grey
yellow dream
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